Email Security

We will never email you requesting sensitive personal information. Recognize the signs of phishing, where thieves pose as a financial institution and request information, and other fraud.

Spot suspected scams

  1. Tip 1

    Fake, “phishing” emails appear to be from financial institutions and copy logos and links to scare you into relinquishing information. Take time to examine them; verify they are real by contacting the company—but not with contact information provided, as this could also be fake.

  2. Tip 2

    Never share personal information, especially your Social Security number, account number, log in info, or password over email, on fake sites or pop-up windows or over the phone to unverified numbers.

  3. Tip 3

    Report fraud. If you receive a suspicious email that references Elan or your credit card, please forward it immediately to

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